Blacks Missing Profits on Hair

Blacks Missing Profits on Hair
News from Sacramento Observer:

MONEY—Nora Johnson, of Sisters Beauty Supply, poses with hair pieces, some of her largest moneymakers. (Photo by J.L. Martello)

PITTSBURGH – Whether it is fried, dyed and laid or laid to the side; braided or loose; kinky, curly or straight; and even glued, sewn or bobby pinned, one’s hair is essential to every look. According to the Black Owned Beauty Supply Association, the Black hair care & cosmetic industry is a $ 9 billion industry and it serves millions of African-Americans.

But while African-Americans are spending most of the money in the industry, especially in regards to extensions, they are profiting the least. Most of the money being made in the industry is going to other ethnicities, the Koreans mainly.

“It is very hard breaking into the (hair) industry, being a Black owned business,” said Nora Johnson, an owner of Sisters Beauty Supply, Downtown. “They (Koreans) own it because they have the money. It takes a lot of money and a customer…………… continues on Sacramento Observer

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Women Are Invoking Hair-Raising Questions When It Comes To Sexiness
News from Sacramento Bee:

/PRNewswire/ — The conventional idea of sexiness has been turned on its head… literally. A new survey for Sexy Hair by Wakefield Research reveals that most women aren’t styling their hair based on the general perception of what is sexy. Instead, these trendsetters are going against the grain and rocking styles that redefine their own version of the word.


While Kim Kardashian and Sofia Vergara have lust-worthy locks that women would traditionally do anything for, the ‘do is still of utmost importance in first encounters and social gatherings; women are now treating their hair as a personal, individual fashion accessory to showcase their unique sense of style. Most women (89%) think wearing hair down is the sexiest style, but on the first date, more than half (51%) have worn their hair up. And the intriguing thinking continues:

  • Nearly two in five (37%) women have pulled their hair back into a ponytail for a date, even though it’s only seen as a “sexy style” by four percent of women
  • 16 percent of wom…………… continues on Sacramento Bee

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